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1 September 2017

“Magic happens when women gather.”

I strongly believe in the power of women’s solidarity, supporting and inspiring each other. Creating and organising workshops and group support came naturally to me as another way to support you on your journey of expatriation.

When attending a Lily Source workshop or group support you will receive a variety of resources to help you reflect on yourself and on your life. You will benefit from a safe, interactive environment where you will be able to meet new people, share experiences and ideas, finding support and inspiration. You will clear your mind, find some perspectives and discover new possibilities. You will gain increased self-awareness and realise your potential to be more confident about whatever choices you want to make, whatever goals you want to reach.

What they say about it : 


“ Great way to share experiences, meet others going through similar situations. It worked well as an introduction to Life Coaching.”

Y. from Australia


“It helped start the process of me thinking about my life and what I would like to do in the future”. C. from the UK


“I really enjoyed the course…it’s really great to take some time to access things!!” L. for the UK


“The Wheel of Life was insightful.” S. from the UK


“I had the chance to exchange ideas, listen to people having similar problems, grow new insights for myself.” S. from Turkey


“What I appreciated the most was the openness, the high level of sharing about common concerns and needs.” B. from the US


“It is always comforting to know other people are going through the same emotions and similar experiences as you are. It is great to share different methods to deal with those emotional ups and downs. Sometimes, you are so into your own issues that you don’t always see the big picture because you are lost in the problem. In the group, other people are like a third-eye, looking at the issue from the outside, giving you a more realistic perspective or different strategies to deal with the same problem.” S. from Turkey


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