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What is Life Coaching ?

1 September 2017
Expat Life Coaching Sparkle Kristopher Roller

Life Coaching is a process that helps improve your personal or professional life, no matter which aspects, by exploring what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a plan of action to pursue your goals and get where you want to be.

It is important for you to know that life coaches are not psychotherapists. They do not treat issues like depression, anxiety, or mental illness, as they are beyond their realms of expertise. Life Coaching is about dealing with the present to take action and move forward, rather than dealing primarily to the past like in psychotherapy.

A coaching session is a moment for yourself, a real pause in your busy life, where I welcome you just the way you are and listen to you without any judgement. I give you the space and the time to express your feelings and emotions in order for them to be acknowledged. It is important that you feel at ease. The relationship between you and me is a partnership based on trust.

During a coaching process, YOU are the focus. Life coaching is based on the belief that you have all the answers, solutions and resources to every question or challenge you may have in your life within yourself, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside. And when they do emerge, you may experience those “ah-ah” or light-bulb moments…or what I once called “insightful sparkles”.

My goal then, as a life coach, is to support, motivate and encourage you through the process having a variety of tools and techniques to guide you and help you find your OWN answers and solutions. I do not give advice or tell you what to do.

This is what makes Life Coaching a helping field profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, psychotherapy, or counselling.


Want to know a bit more about a Life Coaching experience?

Read the comments of some expat ladies who did individual coaching with me :


“I had a very revealing experience in my first ever coaching session with Edith. Thanks to her natural talent and well-trained razor sharp questions, I took critical action even after one session. I am a coaching convert now. As I take action and encounter new obstacles, indecisions on the road I will be returning to Edith! Thanks a million.”  S. from Turkey.

“It has been very eye-opening in the sense that I could more clearly see what I wanted to do with my life, which direction I wanted to go, what I am really passionate about. And just as importantly what I don’t want.” S. from Turkey

I met Edith in a spontaneous and natural way, duration a lunch. She is naturally gifted in human relations, she is very smooth in her approach. She was very professional during the coaching process, and she is such a good listener that she can easily detect what is essential in the conversation, and acknowledge the emotions that can emerge during the session.

She has an impressive tool box that she uses very efficiently. Thanks to her intuition, she chooses the perfect exercise for what has to be worked on. She helped me find again the little girl within myself, helped me listen to myself and above all helped me to realise my dreams. Thank you.”                         

S. from Belgium

“I am a psychologist and I myself had a frustrating and complicated situation to deal with. This is when I met Edith who suggested me to do some life coaching sessions with her. I had already heard about Life Coaching as a method but I had never experienced it myself, and to be honest, I was sceptical about it.

I did eight sessions with Edith and it really helped me get unstuck. I could really analyse my current situation, and then clarify and plan all the steps to follow in order for me to start again and move forward.

I changed my mind about coaching and find it very efficient in many situations.

Of course Edith was the key factor. She was very welcoming, non-judgemental, which allowed me to express myself openly. She was very professional in guiding me in the clarification of certain aspects of my life. A guide who was there when I needed and who gave me all the space to express my most intimate self.”

B. from Italy

“I did ten coaching sessions with Edith at a moment of my life when I was feeling unsatisfied and I did not even know why.

Life coaching helped me discover and change the negative points of my life. I discovered the elements that were essential for me to feel satisfied and that would help me give a purpose in my life, not only as a mum and a wife, but also as an independent and happy woman.

Thanks to life coaching, I know myself better and I committed myself to pursue the objectives that I set up during the sessions.”

P. from Italy

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