Hello, I’m Edith.

Here is my story.

In 2015, I became a Certified Professional Coach with my specialty in Life Coaching.

Born and raised in France, I have always been passionate about foreign languages and cultures.
I first pursued a MA in English Studies to become a teacher and later earned a second MA in Latin American Studies with a specialisation in International Migration. I lived in England, US, Brazil and now currently reside in Geneva, Switzerland, with my husband and two children.

Moving Abroad for Love

I met my husband in 2001 in the United States when we were both students. After a four-year long distance relationship, we got married and I moved to Brazil, where he is from. Finally, we were going to live together! I settled in very quickly but I did not realised how much my move to Brazil had affected me at the deepest level of who I am, my identity. [Full story of me moving abroad for love here]

From Brazil to Switzerland

It is when we moved to Geneva for my husband’s job, that I first got introduced to life coaching upon meeting a life-coach-to-be at a party. I volunteered to be his “coachee” for his training and that is how my journey with life coaching started. This is also when I became a mum. Being a mum made me realise that I had suddenly become the pillar of the family and in an expat context like ours, the emotional balance that holds the family together. [Full story of finding my way while being a mum here]

Today in Geneva Helping Other Expat Spouses 

During this process, I managed to find the delicate balance between family and professional life. And I am here to help you to find yours. [Find out how]



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