How About You, Expat Ladies?


  • When you moved overseas to support your husband’s career what do you feel you have given up?

  • Have you found yourself on an emotional roller coaster?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed managing all of these emotions while at the same time maintaining a stabilising force to support the family?

  • Do you feel it is time now to take charge of your life again? To focus on your needs and goals? To explore new possibilities and new interests? To make priorities and choices and decide what you want to do ?

  • Do you already have a personal or professional project that you want to pursue and need to clarify your ideas and set up actions?


I believe that it is important for you, as an expatriate wife, to express your feelings, thoughts and concerns and in order for them to be validated. It is also necessary that you take time for yourself and for self-reflection to think about your needs, desires, purpose and goals.


I created Lily Source with the purpose to give you emotional support, to provide you a time and space where I welcome you and listen to you with no judgement, to help you reconstruct a sense of identity and a new meaningful life after you move.


I am ready to answer any questions you may have and give you all the information you need : 

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